On 03 July, the first Steering Committee Meeting was held and it was organised by ESV. In order to boost the spirit of collaboration, acquire knowledge about the host clusters and their value chain and share experiences in collaborative projects, in the afternoon ESV organised a session with the presentation of case studies of successfully internationalised companies in order to stimulate the interchange of knowledge, good practices and previous experiences.

In addition, this session aimed - among others - to increase the knowledge of the participating clusters in relation to other clusters’ activities, relevant internationalisation practices and experiences and different available expertise.

On the second day of the visit – 4th of July – a case study site visit to three hotels (Kinderhotel Dachsteinkönig, Landhaus Hotel Koller, Weisses Rössl) with energy technologies from our cluster companies was organised. A big thank you to our participating cluster partners for the collaboration: Ing. Aigner, ÖkoFEN and Siemens. It was very interesting and useful for the project.