On November 12, was presented the Habitat 4.0 Guide developed by CENFIM in collaboration with the furniture cluster AMUEBLA and the CETEM technology center and the coordination of AIDIMME. The objective of the guide is facilitate to the decision-making of furniture manufacturing companies the transition to a business model which makes greater use of digitization throughout the entire value chain.

The guide is divided into 4 blocks. It is based on a Reference Model (Block 1) that theoretically describes what would be a sector-specific business. On the other hand, a Sectorial Diagnosis (Block 2) has been carried out  that provides an idea of the situation of digital maturity of the companies of the habitat sector of the three communities that have participated: Catalonia, Valencian Community and Region of Murcia. In this diagnosis CENFIM has interviewed and analyzed the application of digital technologies in 10 companies in the furniture sector. Based on these two blocks, a Sectoral Roadmap (Block 3) has been designed, which describes the different actions that can be carried out in companies to move forward from the point of departure to the level of sectoral reference.

In addition to the entities that have developed the guide, the WWBS consultancy took part in the workshop on November 12, which gave its vision of how digitalisation will influence the business models of the furniture sector and the equipment manufacturer Homag España, which analyzed the technological advances in equipment and software to facilitate a progressive digitalization of the manufacture. The 24 companies of the Montsià and Baix Maestrat attended.

This project has been developed by AIDIMME, AMUEBLA, CENFIM and CETEM, within the framework of the Program for Financial Aid for Innovative Business Groupings of the Ministry of Economy, Industry and Competitiveness (AEI-010600-2017-141).

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