Executive Team

The Delegate Committee is responsible for strategic management, operational supervision and providing support for the technical team.

The members of the Delegate Committee represent the cluster’s value chain and CENFIM’s member companies. There are representatives from manufacturers specializing in different aspects of interior furnishings, suppliers and retailers.

The Committee assigns areas of responsibility within CENFIM to the Trustees in view of their capacity for the role based on their experience and their company’s specialist activities:

  • Ramon Gabarró (Gabarró Hermanos), Chairman: communication and member relations
  • Anton Bentanachs (Arquetypo): contract retail and other sectors
  • Esteve Vergés (Silleria Vergés): product innovation
  • Carlos Mengual (Ferreteria Mengual): system integration and B2B and B2C platforms
  • Santiago Riera (Rierge): innovation in manufacturing technologies and processes
  • Mònica Grau (FEDE): internationalization
  • Oriol Gurdó (Fusteria Gurdó): contract hospitality
  • Jordi Pallarés (Griferia Rovira): contract hospitality
  • José Bertolín (Grupo Lober): contract hospitality

The Delegate Committee meet every two months. As well as the business people that make up the Executive Team, the Director of CENFIM also attends these meetings.